Thursday 12 April 2012

Marine Electronic Systems (MES) supports WAVE RULER in Bermuda and the United States

Recently Steve Howells and Ollie Haselden from Marine Electronic Systems (MES),  attended the WAVE RULER in Bermuda and the United States to identify and fix a fault in the X Band radar system.  Despite several previous service interventions by local support in the US, the fault was worsening and required Steve and Ollie to sail with the ship and stay on board for 10 days until a successful outcome was achieved.  WAVE RULER is a Wave Knight-class fast fleet tanker of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) of the United Kingdom.

Captain Shaun Jones RFA, CO RFA WAVE RULER, said “I would like to thank MES for rapidly identifying the fault in WAVE RULER’s X Band radar system and coming up with a rapid, innovative and successful solution that ensured that the ship can return to full operational capability within the programme at nil penalty to UK commitments to APT(N).  Not only has full functionality been restored but also a significant improvement in capability has been provided in a very short and challenging time scale.  We look forward to working with MES in the future and many thanks to Steve Howells and Ollie Haselden for their professionalism and friendship during their stay onboard in Bermuda and Norfolk Virginia, US.”

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