Thursday, 12 July 2012

MES completes two bridge systems in the US at the same time in the same shipyard

Ollie Haselden and Richard Collett are just nearing completion of the commissioning of the navigation and communication systems on 2 offshore support vessels in Florida's Eastern Shipbuilding.  Another example of a successful collaborative project between GE Energy Power Conversion and MES.  MES was subcontracted by GE to provide the bridge equipment and GMDSS and internal communications systems.   The ships HARVEY CHAMPION AND KEITH COWAN will be handed over to US operators Seacor Marine and Harvey Gulf in the near future.

The pictures show the bridge consoles on the previous vessel in the series, HARVEY SUPPORTER.  These are a variant of the GE C Series consoles which are very well constructed and laid out to Harvey Gulf's preferred arrangement.


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